Caragana aromatic sesame steak

Food Material List

  • 1 Salmon

Operational steps

  • 1 Salmon is marinated with salt, black pepper and ginger for more than 30 minutes.
    Caragana aromatic sesame
  • 2 Green lemon juice, honey and water (the ratio of them is 1:2:2) appropriate amount of starch, garlic powder and raw sauce are mixed to form juice.
    Caragana aromatic sesame
  • 3 Beat the fish evenly with a mixture of flour and white sesame.
    Caragana aromatic sesame
  • 4 Shake off the excess flour and fry the fish yellow on both sides.
    Caragana aromatic sesame
  • 5 Take another pot and cook the sauce over a low heat until it is sticky. Stir constantly in the middle to prevent pasting.
    Caragana aromatic sesame
  • 6 Finally, pour the cooked sauce on the fish steak.
    Caragana aromatic sesame


If there is no lemon, it can be replaced by white vinegar, unfortunately it lacks the fresh aroma of lemon;
2 Salmon can also be replaced by other fresh fish, the taste should be the same delicious;
3 Fish fried with small fire, pay attention not to fry too old (with chopsticks slightly inserted into the fish is good to separate);
4 Fried fish The thin flour before patting can lock the water in the fish and keep the fried fish fresh and tender without sticking to the pan;
_With regard to the taste of the sauce, depending on the individual taste, you can taste it with chopsticks before boiling the sauce. According to your own needs, you can add or reduce a certain seasoning at your discretion (after boiling, it is difficult to season). Because the sauce will be concentrated after boiling,
_It is suggested that the flavor should not be too strong before seasoning;
_Salmon belongs to the fatty fish, and the fat is gathered in the abdomen. If the whole salmon is bought, the abdominal fat should be removed before eating or processing;
_Cooking can be fried, fried, boiled, pickled, roasted, smoked or eaten raw. But when raw food is processed, we must pay attention to hygiene. If the gill silk is black and the meat loses elasticity, it is not suitable for making sashimi; < br > _Salmon head and tail are nutritious and can be used as fish head and tail soup and pot, with unique flavor, and boiling time should not be too long.

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