Huaiyang cuisine

Caterpillar bread soft to the waist

The puff sauce made of bread is made of pigs cubes, but because Im not very squeezed, its actually made in half.

Food Material List

  • 1 Strong flour 150g
  • 2 Low-gluten flour 50g
  • 3 Pure milk 100g
  • 4 Egg juice 15g
  • 5 salt 1g
  • 6 Sugar 35g
  • 7 Fast-growing dry yeast 2G
  • 8 butter 23g
  • 9 Red bean paste Appropriate amount
  • 10 butter 30g
  • 11 Corn oil 30g
  • 12 water 58G
  • 13 Strong flour 30g
  • 14 Egg Wash 55g

Operational steps

  • 1 The material of the main material is kneaded with afteroil until the film can be pulled out.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 2 Put it in a bowl and cover it with a wet cloth for a fermentation.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 3 Hair twice as big
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 4 Divide into 6 equal parts, round, cover wet cloth relaxation for 5 minutes (because Guangdong is already hot, about 28 degrees, so the middle relaxation time should not be too long, in winter, it is generally relaxation for 15 minutes)
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 5 The red bean paste is packed in a wrapping bag, cut a big mouth, take a piece of dough and roll it open with a rolling pin, squeeze it into the red bean paste (the shape of the bean paste is really beautiful, can you ignore it?), roll it up from top to bottom and pinch both ends tightly with your hands.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 6 Put them all in the oven for the last fermentation.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 7 Hair to about 2.5 times a dozen, preheat oven 180 degrees, bread and embryo brush whole egg liquid, squeeze puff sauce
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 8 When the oven is ready, put it in the middle and bake for 15 minutes.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 9 Cool out of the oven
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 10 You can lower your waist and do yoga. You can make soft and delicious bread just like the direct method. Its still as soft as the next day.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 11 When the bread is cooled, it should be stored in a sealed bag immediately, otherwise it will age quickly and cause it not to be soft.
    Caterpillar bread soft
  • 12 Butter, corn oil and water are poured into a small pot and heated until boiling. After extinguishing, high flour is added to mix evenly. After cooling, eggs are added and stirred into a delicate paste, which can be put into a mounting bag for reserve. Before extrusion, a small cut is made.

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