Chen Pi Niu Gu Tang

Food Material List

  • 1 Ox bone
  • 2 Dried tangerine peel

Operational steps

  • 1 Bull bones should be cut off by the seller, washed and drained at home. Soak the orange peel in cold water and remove the white film. Ginger slices, scallion knot, fennel, cinnamon a small amount of spare.
    Chen Pi Niu
  • 2 Cool water for boiling beef bones. After boiling, rinse the blood and foam.
    Chen Pi Niu
  • 3 Re-put the beef bones into the pot, fill it with water, boil it over high heat, and skim off the foam. Cattle bone foam more, to skim several times.
  • 4 Add orange peel, ginger, onion knot, fennel, cinnamon, cook in low heat for 3 hours, add salt to the pot.
    Chen Pi Niu


1. Meat must be boiled beforehand, otherwise, no matter how later it is skimmed, the foam will always float. After the boiling water is over, rinse the foaming blood off the tap so that the meat smell can be removed more cleanly.
2. Water should be added at one time, because when boiled in a few hours, the soup will condense a lot, and adding water in the middle will affect the taste. When the fire is boiled, the soup must be cooked in small heat, so as to make a delicious soup.
3. Boiled soup salt should be put in the end, premature salt will make the water in meat run out quickly, will accelerate the protein coagulation, affect the delicacy of the soup. I usually put salt before starting the pot, without MSG. I dont think MSG is the original flavor.

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