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Chicken soup, wolfberry leaves: fresh herbs

Undertake the last Henan characteristic wild vegetable: steamed GouZao This time I present to you another delicious wild vegetable picked by my mother-in-law for me personally: wolfberry leaf in fact, I have eaten wolfberry leaf. My mother-in-law on the other side of the phone said that a neighboring old lady in her neighborhood gave her a vivid description of the delicacy of Chinese wolfberry leaves, so that my mother-in-law, who was not slippery, could turn to the old ladys team directly in her mouth. Her mother-in-law was in command, and a temporary wild vegetable gang composed of old ladies and old ladies set out to collect wild vegetable and went to her mother-in-law. Pain me, and picked a lot of to me, but this time I dare not let my husband choose, I want to choose my husbands mind in the permanent preservation of my good habitual “virtuous” image mother-in-law told me: she is not even at home, only with garlic juice fragrant oil tuned on the start of eating I think, my stomach is not good, it is with chicken soup. Its so delicious to eat raw. Wouldnt it be fresher to cook a handful of chicken soup with concentrated flavor? It is worth mentioning that this chicken rack is a rare mountain pheasant brought back by my grandmother on the Qingming Festival. Although young, the two chickens have strong waists and full kidney function, so I divided the chickens. The chicken rack used slow fire to hang a pot of chicken soup. This soup is really flat. When the fat chicken is different, the amount of oil is the second, the most important is the fragrance, special fragrance! And chicken bones have not softened for a long time, which shows how rich the calcium of this cock is. Its strange that wolfberry leaves brewed with such chicken soup are not tasty.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fresh chicken soup Appropriate amount
  • 2 Lycium barbarum leaves 200g

Operational steps

  • 1 Chicken soup hanging beforehand
    Chicken soup, wolfberry
  • 2 Leaves of Lycium barbarum Choose Old Stems for Young Leaves
    Chicken soup, wolfberry
  • 3 Cleanse
    Chicken soup, wolfberry
  • 4 After adding wolfberry leaves, you can turn off the fire immediately and use a spoon or chopsticks to fill the tray and sprinkle salt.
    Chicken soup, wolfberry
  • 5 Wash the wolfberry and pour the cleaned wolfberry into chicken soup and burn it on fire.
    Chicken soup, wolfberry


1. Lycium barbarum leaves areTianjingcao, which have the functions of nourishing liver and kidney and improving astringency and eyesight. Long-term consumption of Lycium barbarum leaves can delay senility, enhance immunity and other functions, but also has a significant role in the development of childrens intelligence. And Lycium barbarum leaves have more fire-removing effect than Lycium barbarum leaves.
2. Boiling with plain water is as delicious as burning white water

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