Chicken with Three Cups Sauce

The legend of the three-cup chicken: First, the three-cup chicken has been circulating for hundreds of years, widely spread in central Jiangxi and southern Jiangxi, and the real origin is Wanzai County. According to legend, there are two sisters and brothers in the suburbs of Kangle Town in Wanzai County. One year the drought caused famine. My brother suggested that instead of sitting at home and waiting to die, we should go out to make a living. On the day he left home, his sister killed and cooked the only three yellow chickens left at home, and saw them off. Poor families cant find any condiments, so they cook the remaining food, soy sauce and wine in the cupboard in a casserole with chicken nuggets. An hour has passed, and I dont want a room full of fragrance and delicious food. Later, the younger brother fled to Ningdu County and helped in a catering shop. When the owner saw that he was diligent and honest, he was recruited as his son-in-law. After a few years, my brother Hui Wanzai brought my sister to live with him. He never forgot the dish his sister cooked when he left home and asked her to do it again. Later, the dish was processed and sorted out and became the main dish for the shopkeeper to entertain the customers, which made the past guests praise it. As a result, it was widely spread to business traveling feet, officialschildren and clothes families. “Three Cups of Chicken” which has been circulating for hundreds of years has become a classic production of Gan cuisine. Say two: Three cups of chicken is a traditional famous dish in Ningdu, Jiangxi Province. Its origin is related to Wen Tianxiang, the national hero. In the late Southern Song Dynasty, the national hero Wen Tianxiang (Jishui people in Jiangxi Province) was captured against the Yuan Dynasty, and the people were very sad. One day, a woman in her seventies came to Wen Tianxiangs prison with a crutch and a bamboo basket, which contained a chicken and a pot of wine, to pay homage to Wen Tianxiang. The wife unexpectedly saw Wen Tianxiang, a mixture of joy and sorrow, the original spread of Wen Tianxiang has been killed, she came to worship the Prime Minister of Wen Tianxiang. Seeing that Prime Minister Wen was still alive, she regretted not bringing a cooked chicken and had to ask the jailer for help. The jailer was originally from Jiangxi Province and admired Wen Tianxiang in his heart. He was deeply moved by his wifes words and deeds. Thinking that Wen Tianxiang would be killed tomorrow, I was very sad, so I decided to use my wifes chicken and wine to make a decent dish for Wen Tianxiang to show my respect. So he and his wife slaughtered the chicken, tidied it up, cut it into pieces, found a earthen bowl, put the chicken pieces in the bowl, poured rice wine, added some salt, served as seasoning and soup, set up a earthen bowl with a few bricks, and made the chicken with a small fire. After an hour, they uncovered the chicken. It was crisp and fragrant. They wept and brought it to Wen Tianxiang. Wen Xiangxiang drank wine and soup, ate chicken, cherished the hatred of national subjugation, and sang generously and sadly. The next day, Wen Tianxiang returned to his death with courage and righteousness. It was the ninth day of December. Later, the jailer returned to his native Jiangxi Province from most places. On the ninth day of December, Wen Tianxiang was sacrificed to Wen Tianxiang by simmering chicken with three glasses of wine. Therefore, the food is delicious, and it has spread around Jiangxi. Gradually becoming a famous dish, many big hotels and small restaurants have changed three cups of chicken slightly to improve their taste: a cup of sweet wine, a cup of soy sauce and a cup of sesame oil. Pour the three cups of seasoning and chicken pieces into a sand bowl, then add a little cold water and simmer until the meat is rotten. Its colour, fragrance and taste are all perfect. Legend 3: Long ago, there was a beggar who depended on his mother for his life. One day, my mother was very ill, and she lay in bed for a long time, dying. In order to be filial, the son went out and tried to get a hen to feed his mother. He put the chicken in a broken bowl and asked his neighbor for a glass of rice wine, a handful of salt and a spoonful of oil. After being stewed in charcoal, he was fed to his mother. The aroma was overflowing, which attracted an official cook next door. He took a piece and tasted it. It tasted delicious. Later, the official cook constantly improved the production method, cooked chicken with a glass of wine, a cup of soy sauce, a cup of rice wine, and named it “three cups of chicken”.

Food Material List

  • 1 Sanhuang chicken (or tender chicken) Half a
  • 2 oil 1 cups
  • 3 Peanut oil 23 pots
  • 4 Sesame oil 13. Close the pot
  • 5 soy sauce 1 cups
  • 6 Soy sauce Appropriate amount
  • 7 Old soy sauce Half cup
  • 8 Rice Wine 1 cups

Operational steps

  • 1 Chicken is cut into small pieces with skin, washed and drained (chicken leg for curry cats)
  • 2 Place chicken in a container, pour in a small amount of cooking wine and a little salt and mix well. Marinate slightly to remove the fishy smell.
  • 3 Chop onion, ginger and garlic, cut green/red pepper into sections and set aside.
  • 4 After the peanut oil is heated, add the dried red pepper, scallion, ginger and garlic, stir-fry and stir-fry until fragrant.
  • 5 Stir-fry chicken cubes in a pan until white. Add soy sauce, rice wine and sugar and stir-fry 1 tbsp.
  • 6 After boiling the pot, turn to a small heat and cook until the sauce is collected (the lid of the pot can be stir-fried once in the middle to prevent the dry pot).
  • 7 Add green/red pepper and sesame oil and stir well. Remove from the pan.


Tips for curry cats:
A. Sugar is added to flavor and thicken the soup.
B. If you cant find rice wine, you can replace < br > C. M M fearing spicy food can omit dried red pepper and sesame oil, but it tastes worse since then, oh ~< br > D. You cant cook this dish with soup or water in order to avoid losing its original taste.
E. We must master the temperature well and avoid using fire, otherwise the chicken will not rot and the juice will be exhausted, or even the pot will be pasted.
F. Restaurants sometimes mix 1 cup of rice wine into rice wine and Shaoxing wine in half to enhance the taste of three cups of chicken,

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