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Childrens Fun – Girls in Skirts

Breakfast for children is no longer a monotonous staple food. It is believed that adults and children will enjoy this kind of breakfast by creating some beautiful pictures with visual impact on the premise of delicious food. Lets create a delicious food atmosphere for our children, feel delicious and at the same time feel the beauty of life is everywhere.

Food Material List

  • 1 flour 30g
  • 2 Spinach 15g

Operational steps

  • 1 First, add some water to spinach or green vegetables to make juice.
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  • 2 Mix the flour with green vegetable juice and make a paste. If some is dry after mixing, add some water to a slightly thinner consistency, and add some salt.
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  • 3 The pan is heated and brushed with oil. Pour a spoonful of batter into a small fire. You can pick up the pan and shake the batter around slowly and evenly into a round cake. Then raise the pan. The cake will naturally take off the pan. You dont need a spatula to fry one side at a time. Turn the cake over and fry it slightly. It wont take long, because this side is used for decoration. Use, fry for a long time will affect the beauty, so when frying pancakes, we must adjust the fire a little smaller, so that the pancakes can be slowly cooked, and it is easy to make the pancakes paste and fold.
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  • 4 Fold the cake in half first, then in half, that is, fold it in a quarter, or fold it into a fan shape greater than 90 degrees instead of a girls skirt.
    Childrens Fun -
  • 5 Cut the kiwifruit into flowers with a knife and decorate it with a skirt
    Childrens Fun -
  • 6 Cut strawberries and okra horizontally, lay flowers in skirts and girlsbreasts, cut cucumber slices with knives to decorate legs, chopped onions to decorate fields, and drew heads, hair and arms with sesame sauce. With a plate of fruit or staple food, a pleasant and simple breakfast was made.
    Childrens Fun -

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