Chinese yam millet porridge

Nowadays people think a lot and think a lot. They think a lot before they say or do anything, but they cant help it. Looking at others have become so “thoughtful” how can they become Madaha, less tendons? Who would not be foolish enough to let others play? Even those who are not naturally thoughtful will also think about how to become thoughtful, so this worry will hurt the spleen, a spleen injury, this temper will be bad, coupled with irregular diet of the natural hematopoietic function of the spleen will be damaged, people will be easy to cold, eating always feel tasteless, stool astringent, white lips and so on. They all say how important the kidney is. In fact, the spleen is innate, and it is superficial to the stomach. Both are the main digestive organs. After birth, the maintenance of human life activities and the metaplasia of qi, blood and body fluid depend on the transformation of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the spleen and stomach are called the source of Qi and blood biochemistry and the acquired basis. The spleen and stomach are the vital organs for human body to transport food and generate vital energy and blood. For the patients with spleen-deficiency stomach disease, diet therapy is very important. Among them, yam and millet are very good sources of food for spleen and stomach health, regulating digestive function, and treating abdominal diarrhea. This yam is of flat nature and sweet taste. It has strong astringent effect. It can protect the spleen and stomach, nourish deficiency and win, increase kidney qi, strengthen muscles and bones, and stop diarrhea. Moreover, the mucus chronodigestive enzymes in fresh yam can regulate digestive function, play a nourishing role, and improve the phenomenon of habitual diarrhea caused by weak diarrhea and gastrointestinal sensitivity. Lycium barbarum contains betaine, carotene, aminoacid and various vitamins. The overall nutritional benefits can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, prevent liver cirrhosis and protect liver cells. With yam millet and other collocations, can maintain normal digestion and absorption function. So it is the absolute truth to nourish the spleen first!!!

Food Material List

  • 1 Fresh yam 80g
  • 2 millet 50g
  • 3 Chinese wolfberry 3G

Operational steps

  • 1 After weighing the main ingredients, millet was washed out to wash the floating ash of wolfberry.

    Chinese yam millet
  • 2 Add 2000 ml water to the pot.

    Chinese yam millet
  • 3 Add cold water to the millet.

    Chinese yam millet
  • 4 Bring the fire to a boil, turn it to a low one and simmer for about 20 minutes.

    Chinese yam millet
  • 5 Continuously cut yam and wolfberry,

    Chinese yam millet
  • 6 Boil the yam until it is ripe and add ice sugar.

    Chinese yam millet


1. Xiaoan green health boiling millet porridge should be careful not to boil, add enough water to boil, turn to a small fire, and sometimes stir with a large spoon to the bottom of the pot, to avoid coke staining the pot. In addition, millet porridge is also suitable for cooking salty taste. Dont cut Chinese yam well in advance, and its not too late to cut it when its ready, otherwise its easy to oxidize and discolor early. In addition, yam is a mild and gentle nourishment, its quality of tonic without blocking < br > 2, mild but not dry and hot, for the elderly gastrointestinal weak diarrhea, and children with chronic diarrhea are very effective. Commonly used as medicinal diet and supplementary diet therapy, it has the effect of moistening the lung and expectorating phlegm, improving immunity, improving blood circulation, and regulating the managers belt, alleviating male sexual dysfunction.

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