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Chongqing spicy chicken

Food Material List

  • 1 Drumsticks Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut the pepper into small segments about 2 centimeters, cut ginger into shreds and scallions into small segments.
    Chongqing spicy chicken
  • 2 Chicken leg (without bone removal) meat was chopped into small pieces with a sharp knife and marinated for 20-30 minutes with appropriate salt, cooking wine, black pepper and a small amount of sweet potato powder.
    Chongqing spicy chicken
  • 3 Heat 80% of the hot pot oil into the cured chicken leg meat, deep-fry until the appearance becomes dark yellow, then remove the oil and drain it.
    Chongqing spicy chicken
  • 4 In another pot, heat oil to 70% heat, stir-fry ginger and garlic over low heat, add dried pepper and pepper, stir-fry until the smell starts choking and the oil turns yellow.
    Chongqing spicy chicken
  • 5 Then pour in the fried chicken nuggets and stir-fry them. Sprinkle them with onion, sugar and cooked sesame seeds. Stir-fry them well and then start the pan.
    Chongqing spicy chicken


1. Dry pepper and pepper can be added with their own taste, but the original Chongqing Chicken Chicken Chicken, the best finished product is pepper can cover the chicken; < br > 2. The proportion of dry pepper and pepper is 4:1, of which the best is Sichuan Erjin pepper, pepper is Sichuan Maowen Dahongpao pepper, its fragrance and taste. Hot taste is not comparable;
3.Cannot buy Sichuan pepper can be replaced by hot dry morning pepper, when buying pepper can be bitten to taste, spicy stimulation can also be, fried pepper, pepper fire is smaller, so as not to fried paste;
4.Chicken is best to choose bony chicken leg meat, which is much more fragrant than pure chicken;< Br > 5. Chicken should be salted beforehand, and no salt should be added when frying chicken at last, because the shell of chicken has been fried and dried, the texture is relatively tight, and salt can only adhere to the surface of chicken. At that time, the salt taste of chicken can not be ingested, and the taste is naturally worse; < br > 6. Fried chicken oil must be very hot, and the fire must be large. The skin is quickly fried and crisp, and the meat inside is relatively tender and delicious; < br > 7. Fried chilli and pepper, it is best to stir-fry until the smell begins to choke, and the oil turns yellow before frying with fried chicken, so that the fragrance of chilli and pepper can be brought out; < br > 8. Fried white sesame with small fire in advance.

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