Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli

Vitamin C content of pepper per 100 grams is as high as 198 mg, ranking first among vegetables. Vitamin B, carotene, calcium, iron and other minerals are also abundant. Medical experts believe that hot pepper can relieve chest and abdominal pain, stop dysentery, kill and suppress gastric and abdominal parasites, control heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis; it can also stimulate oral mucosa, cause gastric peristalsis, promote saliva secretion, enhance appetite and promote digestion. Spicy food plays an active role in human disease prevention, treatment, gene improvement and human evolution because of its functions of sterilization, preservation, seasoning, nutrition and cold repellent. Therefore, adding a little pepper to your daily menu is good for your health. Hot pepper is also a very stimulating food, is a favorite of many people, especially Sichuan people are famous for eating hot, hot pepper is not only its hot taste can stimulate our appetite, for warm stomach and cold have a great effect, for the treatment of indigestion has a good effect.

Food Material List

  • 1 Sweet potato vermicelli 100g
  • 2 Long Bean and Mung Bean Vermicelli 100g
  • 3 Coriander 150g
  • 4 Scallion 20g
  • 5 Green garlic 100g
  • 6 Lettuce 200g
  • 7 Celery 250g
  • 8 Cabbage 100g
  • 9 Hot pepper with compound fragrance Appropriate amount
  • 10 Pixian Red Oil Bean Flap Appropriate amount
  • 11 Edible oil 50g
  • 12 Sesame oil 20g
  • 13 Maggi Liquid Seasoning 10ml
  • 14 Granulated sugar 20g
  • 15 salt Appropriate amount
  • 16 Finely ground Chaotian pepper powder Appropriate amount
  • 17 Guizhou Chai Huo Chili Powder Appropriate amount
  • 18 Dry pepper A handful of
  • 19 garlic granules 2 pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Processing the ingredients first:
  • 2 Lettuce, celery and cabbage are cut into shreds or strips.
  • 3 Cut scallions into scallions and coriander into pieces.
  • 4 Fans boil in boiling water
  • 5 The appropriate amount of red oil spicy seeds, Pixian red oil bean paste and garlic grains are fried in a pot and then poured into the appropriate cooking oil.
    Because my home-made red oil spicy seeds already contain a variety of spices (specific ingredients and practices can refer to another recipe of red oil spicy seeds), so I dont need to add any extra spices to this dish. Added.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 6 In the soaked fans, I used sweet potato and mung bean fans. I think the taste of the fans is rich.
    Add delicious soy sauce, sugar and salt.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 7 Add proper boiling water and boil over high heat.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 8 Put in a handful of dried chili, Chaotian chili powder and firewood chili powder.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 9 Add celery and cabbage shreds and stir-fry.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 10 Add lettuce shreds and stir-fry.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 11 Add garlic and onions.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 12 Put coriander in the pan before you start. Measure more and smell good.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 13 Sprinkle with sesame oil and turn off the fire.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 14 Fragrance, numbness, spicy and refreshing! Rich taste, crisp vegetables!
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli
  • 15 If you like spicy food, you might as well try it once.
    Chuanwei Suluo vermicelli

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