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Chupi Salad Sauce Tuna Egg Salad

# In the memory of Chupi Salad Sauce, there is always something sour, sweet, and with a strong fragrance of milk. But at that time, I didnt know the name of salad dressing. I only remember that there were always various kinds of fruits in the breakfast of the hotel. One of them was that there was a layer of cream-white things wrapped outside, like butter, but nothing. It was just special to my stomach. I would always pester my father to fill a small pot for me and hold a small fork after taking it. Rotate the fruit round and round in order to lick the milky white thing outside the fruit. At that time, I always asked my father what it was called. Even if my father repeatedly told me it was called salad dressing, I still cant remember, because there was no McDonalds in KFC at that time, only me. There are too many new words in my memory that I dont understand very well, so I always hope that my father will take me with him when he goes on business, and take my little mouth with him, and then go to the hotel to eat this milk-white thing…. In fact, there is no story about any kind of food itself, but there is a layer of memory in the story, and it has its own color. Haw Chows Tuna Egg Salad brings you.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 2
  • 2 Canned tuna Few
  • 3 Corn grain Few
  • 4 peas Few
  • 5 Garden radish Few
  • 6 salt Few
  • 7 Black pepper Few
  • 8 Sweet Mayonnaise Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare all the ingredients. Boil the eggs in the steamer first.
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 2 Wash carrots, corn and peas
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 3 Boil the carrots, peas and Maize in water.
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 4 Boiled eggs are cut in half with thread
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 5 Place tuna, egg yolk, carrot, corn and pea in a bowl and squeeze into the Chupi salad dressing, black pepper, salt and vinegar.
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 6 All kinds of stirring are even
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 7 Then use a spoon to put it in the calendula.
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 8 Finally sprinkle black pepper again
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 9 After squeezing the salad, I realized that the bottle design of this salad dressing is double tube, a star, a circular, extruded shape, which can give you unlimited creative space when shaking the dish.
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 10 This head is usually round.
    Chupi Salad Sauce
  • 11 Another one piece
    Chupi Salad Sauce

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