Classic home dish – fried shredded pork with green pepper

Very classic home-cooked dish, a dish will appear at every table. This is also my husbands favorite home-cooked dish. Every once in a while, it will appear at our table. Its a classic that never tires of eating.

Food Material List

  • 1 green pepper 4
  • 2 Tenderloin 300g
  • 3 Yellow pepper Half

Operational steps

  • 1 Get all the ingredients ready.

    Classic home dish
  • 2 Cut the tenderloin meat into shreds. Rinse the green and red peppers and cut into shreds.

    Classic home dish
  • 3 Cut the shredded meat and add a little salt, sugar, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, starch grab and mix to marinate evenly for a moment.

    Classic home dish
  • 4 Stir frying pan until oil is hot, pour in shredded pork, stir fry until discolored and set aside.

    Classic home dish
  • 5 Stir-fry shallots and ginger in base oil.

    Classic home dish
  • 6 Add sweet sauce and stir-fry until fragrant.

    Classic home dish
  • 7 Pour in green pepper and shredded yellow pepper, add a little salt, sauce raw, stir-fry sugar evenly.

    Classic home dish
  • 8 Then pour the shredded meat into the quick stir-frying, pour in the appropriate amount of fragrant oil and turn off the fire.

    Classic home dish


This is a fast-hand stir-fried dish. Only when the shredded meat is stir-fried in advance and discolored, and then stir-fried with other ingredients, can the shredded meat taste fresh and tender.
Sweet noodle sauce needs to be stir-fried, and the finished dish tastes better.

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