Cocoa cupcakes

Food Material List

  • 1 Low-gluten flour 105g
  • 2 Cocoa powder 26G
  • 3 Sugar powder (egg yolk) 20g
  • 4 Sugar powder (protein) 50g
  • 5 Egg 3
  • 6 butter 15g
  • 7 Olive oil 15g
  • 8 milk 80g

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare all kinds of materials
  • 2 Separation of water-soluble yolk and egg white with butter in an anhydrous and oil-free container. Egg yolk is beaten with sugar, olive oil and butter, then milk is stirred, then low-gluten flour and cocoa powder are sifted and stirred evenly without granules.
    Cocoa cupcakes
  • 3 Beat the beaten protein in three times with sugar until it is slowly lifted and the tip is not poured into the yolk cocoa paste. Stir well, then turn it up and down in the remaining protein, mix well, shake the bubbles in the 150 degree preheated oven and put them into a paper cup for eight minutes.
    Cocoa cupcakes
  • 4 Preheat well and put it in oven and fire 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes to decide the finished product according to the oven condition.
    Cocoa cupcakes
  • 5 The internal organization sticks and sticks are almost finished before I think of taking photos and hissing.
    Cocoa cupcakes

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