Night snack

Coconut papaya and red bean paste ice

I remember two years ago, I read Sangers Childhood, a very interesting book. The content of the book is to observe the world from the perspective of a little girl and write it in a self-narrative tone. The whole article is mixed with Sichuan dialect and spoken language. Although I am not from Sichuan, I am often amused and flattered. There is no main story line in the book. Its all small pieces that make people laugh. There are childhood toys, games, phrases, catchwords, people and things with the characteristics of the times. It really sounds like listening to a child while searching for immature memories, while telling for everyone, showing the unique front of the childs memory. Post-inversion and triviality. As an eighty-year-old, reading this book, a lot of content will cause resonance, will unconsciously be affected by the author, recall their childhood silly things and misdeeds. During the period of reading this book, I was very happy every day. Sometimes I suddenly thought of something in my childhood. I was so happy that I watched othersstaring faces for a long time. That kind of feeling was enjoyed. In retrospect, we grow up after 80 years, there are many things with the characteristics of the times worth remembering. In addition to the memories that belong to the post-80s generation, there are also memories that belong to me and will never be forgotten: going to steal coal, picking firewood and leaves with my little companions, stuffing them into a simple stove made of several bricks and burning small potatoes; following several classmates, drilling in from the railings of the playground, using self-help foot to use the electric merry-go-round, being old. The elder uncle found out and fled in a hurry. Seventy-eight small partners were divided into two groups. They fought water battles with water guns and rubber hoses, drenched themselves all over, and were punished by their parents when they came home. Those things that once felt disapproving or embarrassed became clearer and clearer when their childhood was getting farther and farther away. Occasionally in our hearts, dreams, minds… lingering, thats why I write them down. I want to know ten, twenty, even fifty years later, when I see these things again, what kind of mood they will be, whether they are as touched as today, reluctant to part with them… Red bean ice stick, is also an hour. Waiting for a regular meal, remember is five cents a piece, cylindrical and plum flower cylindrical, usually there will be a small section of beans at the top, followed by red beans ice. One of the five cents is not enough to eat every time. At that time, the old woman who sold ice hockey rods rode around the streets on her bicycle, so she didnt encounter it every day. So she had a wish. If she could buy a handful of red bean ice sticks one day, put them in a bowl and eat them in a big mouthful, it would be very good. Later, it was cold. There are more and more kinds of drinks. I have long scorned the red bean popsicle. These two days, I recall my childhood, the little bean popsicle, and my childhood wishes. So I decided to recall the memory, but my childhood dream. Always like the fragrance of coconut, and coconut fragrance and red beans are perfect match, so when boiling red bean paste, add coconut powder, frozen red bean ice, and add some papaya before eating, the achievement of this luxury version of dripping red bean ice, give a perfect account of childhood.

Food Material List

  • 1 Red adzuki beans 100g
  • 2 White granulated sugar 60g

Operational steps

  • 1 Red adzuki beans were soaked in clear water for one night in advance.

    Coconut papaya and
  • 2 Wash the soaked red adzuki beans.
  • 3 Put red beans in a soup pot and add 8 times water.
  • 4 Boil red beans until soft and rotten. Add sugar.
  • 5 Stir until sugar is melted. Take 2/3 red beans and some soup water and put them in the mixer.
  • 6 Bean red beans into delicate red bean paste.
  • 7 Pour the red bean paste back into the soup pot, stir well and add coconut powder.
  • 8 Re-boil the water and add glutinous rice flour in succession.
  • 9 Stir well, boil until the soup is thick, pour into a bowl, cool and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours. Stir well when eating, add chopped papaya.


1. Red bean should not be boiled, it is better to soak in advance; < br > 2. If you like to eat beans, you can omit the steps of beating by mixer; < br > 3. Adding glutinous rice powder will make the red bean ice soft, like to eat more ice, you can not add it; < br > 4. Papaya Ding can be replaced by any fruit you like.

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