Coix Rice, Red Bean, Lotus Seed Porridge

According to Japanese tradition, when a daughters menstruation first comes, her mother cooks a pot of red bean rice, which not only has the meaning of wishing the girl to grow up into a woman, but also has the substantial effect of supplementing menstrual nutrition and preventing iron deficiency anemia.

Food Material List

  • 1 Careless lotus seed About 10
  • 2 Job tears 25g
  • 3 Red bean 15g
  • 4 Glutinous rice 15g

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse lotus seeds, red beans and coix seeds with water and soak for half an hour (soaking saves porridge time after cooking).

    Coix Rice, Red
  • 2 Add appropriate amount of water to the pot and boil it (boiling water to boil porridge, cook faster, and there will be no sticky pot phenomenon).

    Coix Rice, Red
  • 3 Put in soaked lotus seeds, red beans and coix.

    Coix Rice, Red
  • 4 Cook over high heat for half an hour. Put in the washed glutinous rice (lotus seeds, red beans and coix are harder to cook. In order to cook at the same time, put glutinous rice in the back).

    Coix Rice, Red
  • 5 Cook over medium heat for half an hour and start stirring with a spoon (stirring with a spoon can make porridge more evenly cooked and thicken).

    Coix Rice, Red
  • 6 Cook it in a sticky way and serve.

    Coix Rice, Red


1. Lotus seeds are sweet and cool. It can nourish heart and kidney, invigorate spleen and stop diarrhea, treat palpitation and insomnia. The Book of Ben records the main tonifying, nourishing the mind and invigorating the strength. Lotus seed is good at tonifying the deficiency of five Zang organs, regulating qi and blood of twelve meridians, making Qi and blood smooth and not rotten < br > coix seed tastes sweet and light, and has a cool nature. It has the functions of invigorating spleen and dampness, invigorating lung and clearing heat.
2. Glutinous rice is a mild tonic with functions of tonifying deficiency, blood, invigorating spleen and warming stomach, and stopping sweat. It is suitable for the symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea, sweat deficiency, shortness of breath and abdominal distension during pregnancy caused by deficiency of the spleen and stomach and cold.
3. Red beans are flat in nature, sweet and sour in taste, non-toxic, and have the effects of nourishing and strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting water and dehumidifying, clearing heat and detoxifying, breast milk and blood. Red beans are rich in iron and have the function of tonifying blood. They are the best nourishment for women during their physiological period.

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