Cola Chicken Wings

There was still some Coke left at home, just want to eat chicken wings, so I made a Coke chicken wings, a very simple entry dish, but after making it, the sense of accomplishment is quite great. Basically, you can cook fried rice with eggs to make this dish. In winter, somebody else drinks coke and ginger juice to drive away the cold anyway. There are coke and ginger juice in this dish. Its always good to eat more in winter. Everyone can try it. This time, I bought 9 ordinary chicken wings. The amount of cola can be used as appropriate. Friends who like sweet taste can put more, and those who dont like too sweet can put less. Chili pepper can be added or not, depending on the taste.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken wings 9 Only
  • 2 cola 300ml

Operational steps

  • 1 Clean the chicken wings and cut the two sides with a knife (dont cut them through thoroughly) for convenience. Slice garlic, ginger and onion. In fact, the chicken wings in the picture have already been boiled, and forgot to pat at the beginning. The purpose of reissuing this picture is to show you the cutting edge.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 2 Boil some hot water in a small pot, stir with a little salt (about 3-5g) after boiling water, then pour in chicken wings, and discolor a little, then remove.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 3 Add ginger slices, half of garlic slices, a little thirteen fragrances and salt (2-3g). Ginger and garlic can be mixed according to individual preferences, pour in a little old smoke, and add cooking wine, slightly without chicken wings.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 4 Marinate for 5-10 minutes, turn it over once in the middle, and color the chicken wings slightly.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 5 During the chicken wing pickling waiting process, frying pan can be set up and oiled. The pepper and pepper can be cooked until 7-8% heat. After the pepper is completely discolored, the pepper and pepper can be removed by turning off the fire.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 6 Re-heat the hot oil (fire). Pour in the onion and garlic. Stir-fry the chicken wings in the pan for about 1 minute.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 7 Pour in Coke, at least without chicken wings, like sweet can pour more, I pour more. Turn to medium heat, stir the lid of the pot for a few times and stew. Remove the lid of the pot and stir it every half minute. When the remaining amount of cola is 2/3, turn to high heat to collect the juice. In order to avoid sticking to the pan, the bottom of the pan must be pushed gently during juice collection. Its done when the cola juice is significantly less and more sticky.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 8 Turn off the heat and boil the coke juice dry, because I think the dark sauce pasted on the coke after the coke condenses is better, so the chicken wings are darker. Friends turn off the fire a little lighter earlier.
    Cola Chicken Wings


1. Cutting knife: Cutting knife on chicken wings must not be too deep, and then the chicken wings will disperse when the sauce is collected and stir-fried.
2. Hot water: Hot water is used to remove blood stains and smell. If there is no obvious blood clot in fresh chicken wings, it can be used without hot water. If it is quick-frozen or can not guarantee freshness, it is better to boil water. Quick-frozen to be completely thawed before boiling water.
3. Salt in hot water: This is a personal habit. It is not necessary to add salt. Sometimes when you do it before, you dont pay attention to the slow fishing. The chicken wings will burn hardly. When you stew it later, its not very tasty. After adding a little salt in this step, you will find that it tastes much better, so you dont have to fish so nervously in hot water. The speed of chicken wings is slower, and its easy without affecting the taste.
4. Pickling: Ginger and cooking wine are deodorized, old sauce is mainly toned, onion, garlic and thirteen spicy peppers are seasoned, which can be put according to individual circumstances.
5. After pepper oil fishing out: this is also a personal summary of the proposal, if not fished out, the final pot of hot boiling juice pepper seeds will be embedded in chicken wings, when eating carelessly will chew pepper, more unpleasant. Of course, those who dont mind can save a lot of time without fishing out.

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