Cola Chicken Wings

The lover always said that he wanted to eat, decided to learn from the next pea, collect other peoples, change by himself, but also ah, nice.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken wings 12
  • 2 Dry dishes A small dish

Operational steps

  • 1 Because I didnt take photos, I said that when I bought chicken wings, I asked my boss to burn the feathers. When I came back, I washed the wings with warm water. Then I salted them for half an hour with raw soy sauce and Coke. I took a few small bites with a knife to make them tasty and beautiful. Then I burned the chicken wings in oil until they were yellow on both sides. I stir-fried them with scallion and ginger slices. Finally, I stir-fried them in a pot. Put in the sauce and coke and cover the chicken wings until the sauce is collected. Its delicious. The coke is tender outside.
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 2 This is the practice of dry dishes, salt, chicken essence, pepper, spices, and, yes, sesame, peanuts and drunken ghosts, as well as cut dry pepper into the dish, good friends who do not like the sweetness can be touched, very delicious acridine, hip-hop,
    Cola Chicken Wings
  • 3 Haha, its not spicy at all after I dipped it.
    Cola Chicken Wings

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