Northeast Cuisine

Cool Cucumber Bubble Water Qixi

Its too hot. Lets have a cup of ice cucumber bubble water to reduce the fire. It feels cool just by looking at it. Cucumber has the effect of clearing heat and quenching thirst, water diversion and edema, adding bubbles, the taste is better.

Food Material List

  • 1 cucumber 2 roots

Operational steps

  • 1 All materials.
    Cool Cucumber Bubble
  • 2 Cucumber peeled.
    Cool Cucumber Bubble
  • 3 Cucumber juice.
    Cool Cucumber Bubble
  • 4 Cucumber juice is first poured into the glass, then appropriate amount of bubbling water is added, a little honey can be put to season, and finally mint leaves are added to decorate.
    Cool Cucumber Bubble
  • 5 Finished products.
    Cool Cucumber Bubble

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