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Cranberry Potato Ball

Potatoes are potatoes. This starchy crop is believed to be a kind of food that most people would like to eat. In fact, I do too. Some rural areas in remote areas even use it as a staple food for three meals a day. There are many ways to make potatoes, such as hot and sour shredded potatoes, braised beef with potatoes, stewed pork with potatoes, braised potatoes, sauced potatoes and even mashed chicken juice potatoes. There are many, many, many different ways of home cooking. You must be familiar with these. But I made this today, a new way to eat potatoes. I dont believe anyone has eaten it. Its not dark cuisine. It tastes good. It also has certain dietary effect. Mash potatoes, add flour, make dough, add cranberry jam. Yes. Cranberry, also known as cranberry, is a natural anti-bacterial health fruit. It is the best natural dietary therapy to prevent and treat various bacterial infections, urethritis, cystitis and chronic pyelonephritis in womens daily urinary system. Regular diet can also effectively reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer. Usually, most people eat cranberries as snacks or make biscuits. Or drink juice. But making fresh fruit into jam is the best way to make it work. Therefore, today, such a dish is innovated, or can be said to be a snack. The skin is crisp and the bite is sweet and sour cranberry jam. Dual taste. I feel good.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fresh Cranberry Fruit 100g
  • 2 Sugar 100g
  • 3 water 100g
  • 4 Mashed Potato 200g
  • 5 flour 120g
  • 6 Condensed milk 2 spoons
  • 7 starch Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 The Cranberry refrigerator freezer is taken out and used directly.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 2 Cranberries and water and sugar are crushed in a 1:1:1 feeding machine.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 3 The beaten pulp is stir-fried in a frying pan over a small heat and thick into sauce. Let it cool and stand by.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 4 Steamed potatoes are peeled. Mash into mud and add proper amount of milk. For dessert, you can have some sugar in moderation.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 5 Add flour and make dough. Generally, more flour can be added to keep the dough from sticking to the hands. But in order to taste more potatoes, I added less flour. Its a little sticky. So when you knead the ball in the back, you get some starch.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 6 Take a small piece of potato dough, flatten it, and dig a spoonful of cranberry sauce and wrap it in it. Round it again. Roll a layer of starch to prevent adhesion.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 7 Oil pan 60% oil temperature. Deep-fry golden yellow in a small heat and you can get out of the pot.
    Cranberry Potato Ball
  • 8 finished product
    Cranberry Potato Ball

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