Crispy chicken wings

Very delicious fried chicken, like KFC, oh, crispy fried chicken ingredients supermarket can buy. Another kind of spicy taste is also good.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken wings eat roots 6
  • 2 Crispy Fried Chicken Ingredients 1 packs
  • 3 lemon 1-2 tablets
  • 4 starch 3 scoops
  • 5 flour 3 scoops
  • 6 salt A few
  • 7 ginger 1 tablets

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the ingredients. Dont forget to prepare the lemon. It will become tender and deodorized, and the fried food will feel a little less greasy.
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 2 Chicken wings poke holes with toothpicks.
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 3 Add a little salt and marinate lemon juice for 15 minutes.
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 4 Mix flour and starch with half-pack fried chicken ingredients and add according to the amount of chicken wings.
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 5 Wrap chicken wings and roots with seasoning powder in turn
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 6 Here comes the point! Take a small bowl of water, quickly put the chicken wings wrapped in powder into the water, and then wrap the powder again. This will be the same as KFC, fried chicken wings scaly.
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 7 Put oil in the pan, big fire, put chicken wings into the small fire and fry them into golden yellow on both sides. Keep in mind the small fire, so as not to scorch, it is not yet ripe inside. If you cant grasp it, you can poke it with chopsticks for a few times. There may be blood flow out.
    Crispy chicken wings
  • 8 Get out of the pot. Its really delicious. My husband says its better than KFC. Haha. Believe it, do it now! Four chicken wings and two wing roots are only 8 yuan, clean and delicious!
    Crispy chicken wings

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