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Crispy fried croaker

Although Xiaoshu is poor in China, his childhood memories are very beautiful. For example, Xiaoshu sells Guandong candy in winter at the gate of our school, an old lady who sells ice-lolly in summer, and 10 Guandong candy for a dime. Thats called a delicious candy. If he cant eat big white rabbit and chocolate, well have this solution. Today he has money to buy it. Tomorrow I have money to buy it. Buy it, then share it, eat it carefully. Telling the truth is no less fun than todays children. I think my mothers fried yellow croaker, and winter pickled snow fried soybeans on white rice porridge, dont tell me what this delicious, that tastes good, I am a fools stomach, where can not be changed. Suggest that those children who like French fries and fried food, instead of giving them fried croaker, fried with healthy olive oil, fried crumbs, let alone more fragrant, then this is a snack how good! Do not believe you try!

Food Material List

  • 1 Removing the head of small yellow croaker
  • 2 Spanish olive oil

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and open small yellow croaker, control dry water, marinate with Shaoxing wine, salt, pepper and ginger juice for 15 minutes.

    Crispy fried croaker
  • 2 Put Spanish olive oil in the pan. Put more oil in it.

    Crispy fried croaker
  • 3 Hot pan hot oil temperature 60% into small yellow croaker into medium fire.

    Crispy fried croaker
  • 4 Fried a golden side to turn the small yellow croaker over.

    Crispy fried croaker
  • 5 Fried golden crispy on both sides, chopsticks will fall off when they are crisp. Side the pan slightly and let the oil stand by to see if its still clear. Take out the small yellow croaker and suck it up with oil-absorbing paper. Sprinkle the pepper and pepper salt I made.

    Crispy fried croaker


Homemade pepper pepper salt: fry pepper with small heat in the pot, take out the fragrance, grind it with a rolling pin, continue to fry salt in the pot, turn yellow and pour it out, cool it a little, sprinkle pepper crushed and mix pepper crushed evenly.

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