Crispy Fried Milk

This salty dessert for men, women, old and young is not difficult for many people to eat and cook. Its much healthier to make it at home than to buy it outside.

Food Material List

  • 1 milk 500ml
  • 2 starch 70g
  • 3 Sugar 50g
  • 4 custard powder 10g
  • 5 Flour (batter) 80g
  • 6 Starch (batter) 40g
  • 7 Baking powder (batter) 5g
  • 8 Water (batter) Appropriate amount
  • 9 oil Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Mix and stir the milk sugar starch cheese powder evenly in the oven over a small fire and heat it in the middle of the oven to keep stirring so as not to paste the pot, stir until it becomes a sticky paste, pour it into the container, smooth it into the refrigerator and freeze it for about 4 hours.
    Crispy Fried Milk
  • 2 Paste: Flour and starch are mixed proportionally with water to form a thicker paste and mixed with baking powder.
    Crispy Fried Milk
  • 3 The frozen milk cake was taken out and cut into small pieces with a knife, with a circle of upside-down demoulding die.
    Crispy Fried Milk
  • 4 Roll small pieces of milk cake into paste
    Crispy Fried Milk
  • 5 Fry the pan in hot oil until the skin is crisp.
    Crispy Fried Milk
  • 6 The finished product is more delicious with white sugar.
    Crispy Fried Milk

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