Crispy fried small yellow croaker

Some time ago, my husband always wanted to eat fried small yellow croaker. It is said that the companys cafeteria sells this thing and it tastes good. Come home and coquettish with me: My wife also learned to make small yellow croaker, fried, very delicious. I said yes, we have to buy a small yellow croaker to go home first. I went to the supermarket and bought two packages of frozen croakers and stuffed them in the refrigerator. It took another half month to thaw and eat. During the period, Husband urged several times, when talking about small yellow croaker, he was thrilled: Do it quickly, eat it early, so as not to spoil it! ___________ Yesterday, I finally made crisp fried small yellow croaker, which was better than I thought. I never liked sea fish or fried fish. I also ate three pieces of fish. There were main spines but no small spines. Fish meat had more head to eat. It was recommended to you. The price was also cheap. A pack of more than ten pieces in supermarket sold more than ten yuan, counting down one piece of fish. Money is not enough. So, you can still eat it regularly.

Food Material List

  • 1 Small yellow croaker 15 article
  • 2 Corn oil 500=-600 ML
  • 3 Low or ordinary flour Three spoons
  • 4 corn starch Three spoons
  • 5 Aluminum-free baking powder Half spoon
  • 6 Purified water 80ml

Operational steps

  • 1 The small yellow croaker was thawed clean, drained water, marinated for about half an hour with cooking wine, proper salt, a little sugar, pepper salt, garlic powder, cinnamon powder and scallion and ginger slices < br />.
    Crispy fried small
  • 2 Three tablespoons of corn starch and starch (or common flour) respectively, and half a spoon of baking powder mixed in a small bowl.
    Crispy fried small
  • 3 Add about 80 milliliters of water and mix it into a crisp fried paste for starching small yellow croaker
    Crispy fried small
  • 4 The double bottom butter pan is filled with about 600 ML of corn oil. The oil is heated by a steaming file on the discharge magnet oven. Until the chopsticks are put in, there will be bubbles rolling rapidly. If the temperature is stable, the fish can be fried.
    Crispy fried small
  • 5 Dry the fish with kitchen paper, roll them in a crisp paste, fry them in a frying pan, and fry them in two at a time, because the pan is small and the temperature drops sharply and is unstable. Deep-fry for about a minute every day, the surface yellowing is good, take out oil control, fry once, then burn the oil very hot, each fish into the re-fry for 20-30 seconds, the surface yellowing is fried, oil control, plate loading.
    Crispy fried small
  • 6 Fried fish is very fragrant. If you can eat it directly, you can also dip it in all kinds of sauces you like.
    Crispy fried small

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