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Crispy River Fish

Crispy river fish is the home dish of rural farmhouse music. Crispy River fish, which has been improved by ourselves, has a crisp and strong local flavor.

Food Material List

  • 1 Creek Fish 200g
  • 2 soybean 120g
  • 3 Ginger foam 3G
  • 4 Garlic foam 3G
  • 5 Chopped green onion 3G
  • 6 Pickled red pepper 20g
  • 7 Refined salt Appropriate amount
  • 8 Chicken essence 3G
  • 9 Pepper noodles 5g
  • 10 soy sauce 3G
  • 11 Vinegar 3G
  • 12 Sugar 5g
  • 13 Home Pepper Appropriate amount
  • 14 Red oil Appropriate amount
  • 15 Rape oil Appropriate amount
  • 16 Very delicious 3G
  • 17 Water starch Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Flour, starch and salt are mixed with a small amount of water, then put in clean river fish.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 2 Cook the oil in the pan until 70% of the time. Put the fish into the crispy River and fish out.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 3 Deep fry again – second to crisp.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 4 Soybeans are foamed in warm water.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 5 After soaking for half an hour, it is fried and crisp in a frying pan. Then it is removed and put into a plate.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 6 Cool crispy soybeans.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 7 Fried again and put on the soybeans.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 8 Pot in oil, add ginger, garlic foam, home pepper, pickled pepper, mix in a small amount of water and boil. Add soy sauce, chicken essence, pepper vinegar, sugar, taste very delicious. Water starch gelatin. Sprinkle with red oil and then put into the pan.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 9 Sprinkle onions and coriander on the plate.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 10 Soybean River Fish is crisp, spicy and delicious. Its very suitable for eating with wine.
    Crispy River Fish
  • 11 Finished products.
    Crispy River Fish

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