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Cumin steamed bread

I feel that the afternoon is the time when my mouth is greedy. Every time this time, I have to take some snacks to stop it?Today, at the same time, my mouth is idle again, and I have searched for a while, but I havent seen two cold steamed buns on the table. Whats the way to solve the problem? If you think about it, youll have something on it.) But its good to eat in front of snacks.

Food Material List

  • 1 Cold steamed bread One

Operational steps

  • 1 First cut the steamed bread into one centimeter thin slices, then change the steamed bread into small cubes, then take a bowl to make the egg liquid, pour the steamed bread into the steamed bread block to make it evenly wrapped in the egg liquid, and then put some oil into the < br /> pot, then put the steamed bread block wrapped in the egg liquid slightly hot, turn back and forth and turn it into golden yellow, sprinkle salt and cumin powder, turn quickly. Fry out the pan and serve it on a plate.
    Cumin steamed bread


This dish, yeah? It doesnt seem to be a dish, so Sisi will call snacks. Theres no technology to speak of, as long as you dont mind the trouble, you can do it

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