Dandong special fried fork

Super simple method, classic taste, the popular fried fork in Dandong Zhuanghe area, the original Manchu food oh! Its for two people.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fork 1 copies
  • 2 Meat strip Appropriate amount
  • 3 Egg Two

Operational steps

  • 1 First boil water, then do the preparatory work, chop the onions and slice the garlic. Eggs are beaten into egg juice. Put some chicken powder or chicken essence in the egg juice and salt in proper amount.
    Dandong special fried
  • 2 The fork boiled water in, as long as the strip was separated, about two minutes, it was fished out, too cold water. Control dry water. Spare
    Dandong special fried
  • 3 If the pan is not sticky, put less oil. Garlic slices, stir-fried fragrance, put shredded meat, you can pick out the selected slices and throw them away, you can also stay in the pot. Stir-fry the shredded meat with fork. Stir-fry. When stir-frying in high heat, add chicken meal, oyster oil, shrimp oil and raw soy sauce, basically without salt. Shrimp oil can not be put, stir-fry evenly and then serve.
    Dandong special fried
  • 4 Instead of brushing the pan, pour the egg liquid directly into the pan and spread it into egg cakes. Roll it up, put it on a plate and sprinkle some tomato sauce! Be accomplished! It will be done in more than ten minutes.
    Dandong special fried

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