Delicious and simple yogurt Fruit Shake

Just to match the newly bought cup.

Food Material List

  • 1 Yogurt 200 ml or more
  • 2 Grapes or other fruits 10-20
  • 3 Honey Do or do not let go according to your own preferences

Operational steps

  • 1 Yogurt, I put a box of Amushi… Its too short.. You can put more boxes.
    Delicious and simple
  • 2 Grapes and grapes are all right. Any fruit will do. Lets see how much we can do.
    Delicious and simple
  • 3 Grape pitting. Peel. It can also be without picking or peeling. More nutritious
    Delicious and simple
  • 4 Cuisine bar, cuisine machine, juicer, soybean milk machine… Any machine will do. Just squeeze it.
    Delicious and simple
  • 5 Emma. Its delicious.
    Delicious and simple

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