Delicious nostalgia – pickled pepper chicken gizzard!

Almost every household in Sichuan area of Chongqing has at least one kimchi jar. As “China on the tip of the tongue” said, red oil is the soul of Sichuan cuisine, so pickles are the pen of God. The unique fish fragrance of Sichuan cuisine can not be separated from the shape of pickles. When we eat hot pot in Chongqing, we must have a pickled vegetable for dinner at the end of the meal. How a hot pot shop pickles, directly affects its reputation. Especially like pickled pepper and pickled ginger stir-fried vegetables that kind of “thrilling” fragrance. Whatever it is, even the simplest cabbage and potatoes can be spicy and enchanting as long as they meet with pickled pepper and ginger. In my hometown of Chongqing, as long as fried chicken miscellaneous is almost fried with pickled pepper and ginger, coupled with leek and lettuce, super dinner. Its very difficult to buy chicken miscellaneous in Shanghai, so we have to replace it with chicken gills. Fortunately, there are some pickled peppers and ginger made by my mother when she came to Shanghai, which is authentic.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken gizzard 250g
  • 2 Wild Auricularia auricula Few
  • 3 Water bamboo 2
  • 4 Chive 2 roots

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut chicken gills into flowers with a knife
    Delicious nostalgia -
  • 2 Salt, cooking wine, starch and a little water were added to grab and marinate for 15 minutes < br />.
    Delicious nostalgia -
  • 3 Cut wild Auricularia auricula into small pieces, 2 slices of fennel and a little of shallot.
    Delicious nostalgia -
  • 4 Heat the oil in the pan to 60% heat, slip in the pickled chicken sauce and stir-fry, discolor and remove.
    Delicious nostalgia -
  • 5 The oil in the pan is heated again and the ginger is fried with pickled pepper.
    Delicious nostalgia -
  • 6 Stir-fry agaric and bamboo until stir-fried.
    Delicious nostalgia -
  • 7 Pour the chicken gills back into the pot again. Stir-fry scallions for 1 minute, then add sugar and stir-fry until cooked.
    Delicious nostalgia -

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