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Dinner | Ma Xiao & amp; crayfish

On one side are hot, hot crayfish. On one side is the cold and refreshing sour plum soup. What Fiona presents to the audience today is the food version of the song of ice and fire. The delicious and spicy crayfish burst out in the mouth, and the refreshing and sweet sour plum soup refreshed the heart and sour plum soup. Prepare such a meal for the one you love and enjoy the plain authenticity of you and me.

Food Material List

  • 1 Crayfish 30 only
  • 2 Dark plum 50g
  • 3 Dried tangerine peel 5g
  • 4 Sweet-scented osmanthus 1g
  • 5 Licorice 3G
  • 6 Hawthorn 40g
  • 7 Luoshenhua 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 The crayfish is cleaned with a toothbrush.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 2 Soak crayfish in water with salt for 30 minutes to spit sand.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 3 Push the middle lobster tail upward and pull out the shrimp intestines.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 4 Oil pan, put in dry red pepper, lantern pepper, pepper, sesame pepper, spicy leaves, grass, cloves, nutmeg, spices, fried fragrance.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 5 Add scallion, ginger and garlic in the frying pan, then add clean crayfish, add proper sugar, salt and raw sauce, and pour in water (or beer at the same time). No crayfish. When the fire is boiled, turn to medium heat until the juice is collected. Put in the cut coriander.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 6 Put black plum, orange peel, hawthorn, Luoshenhua and licorice in the pot.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 7 Add two litres of water, turn the fire to boiling and boil for 40 minutes. Add osmanthus and yellow ice sugar. Turn off the fire after 5 minutes.
    Dinner | Ma
  • 8 Pour the sour plum soup into the container and add 1.5 liters of water to the pot for the second boiling (the boiling process of sour plum soup is actually the boiling process of traditional Chinese medicine, after the second boiling process, the material in the raw material can be fully extracted).
    Dinner | Ma
  • 9 Finally, the sour plum soup made by two boiling processes is mixed together to remove impurities and cool it.
    Dinner | Ma

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