DIY Golden Bacon Rice

For me who like to eat and lazy to cook in the electric cooker, fried bacon is undoubtedly the best and most convenient way to reduce appetite, but also to solve the overnight leftovers, killing two birds with one stone! But often eat, also have to change the pattern! Today, I occasionally turn to the method of making fried rice with golden eggs recommended by peas and fruits a few days ago, and I think about it! Can DIY have fried rice with golden bacon? Increase nutrition Haha!

Food Material List

  • 1 Steamed Rice Bowl
  • 2 Egg 2
  • 3 bacon A few
  • 4 Greens Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove oil from the pan (I put olive oil with a little lard, which will be more fragrant). Cook the oil at 7 minutes and stir-fry the slices of bacon or shredded meat until they are broken. You dont need to fry for too long, or the meat will grow old and will not bite!
    DIY Golden Bacon
  • 2 In the process of waiting for the oil temperature, we put two eggs in the bowl, smash them and mix them with cold rice. Cut green vegetables into dices!
    DIY Golden Bacon
  • 3 When the meat is cooked, the oil temperature is already very high! Stir-fry the rice with fresh eggs! Pay attention to the best fire fried! If its light, the eggs will easily turn into egg paste, and they should be stir-fried all the time. Otherwise, they will stick to the pot, and the eggs will scorch, so the hands and feet should be quick.
    DIY Golden Bacon
  • 4 When the eggs are shaped, if they dont look raw, they can be stir-fried with chopped vegetables.
    DIY Golden Bacon
  • 5 After the vegetables are broken, add a little salt and chicken essence according to your taste (if it is bacon, pay attention to the amount of salt, because bacon itself is a little salty), and the delicious golden bacon rice is finished!
    DIY Golden Bacon


The rice fried overnight will not rot! The grain is clear! Soak the bacon in advance, or it will be too salty! Fresh shredded meat is fine without bacon! Better put a little lard, it will be very fragrant!

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