Afternoon tea

Drawing Silk Lantern Festival

Fried Lantern Festival has been eaten by everyone. Today we have an upgraded version: Drawn Silk Lantern Festival.

Food Material List

  • 1 Glutinous Rice Balls for Lantern Festival

Operational steps

  • 1 Put the Lantern Festival in the fence, then pour oil into the pot, light fire, put the fence in the pot to let the oil almost past the Lantern Festival, rolling the Lantern Festival, when the Lantern Festival becomes big, gently tap the Lantern Festival with a spoon, so as to avoid the Lantern Festival exploding, and then continue to fry.
    Drawing Silk Lantern
  • 2 Put the fried Lantern Festival in a bowl and set aside. Start to stir-fry sugar. Stir-fry the sugar with the remaining oil in the pot for fried Lantern Festival. Put in the sugar, stir with the spoon tip, and then wipe it slowly with the bottom of the spoon.
    Drawing Silk Lantern
  • 3 Turn off the fire when the sugar is slightly red. Put in the fried Lantern Festival and begin to pull out the silk. Turn over the Lantern Festival and sprinkle sesame seeds. Stir-fry for a while and youll be out of the pot.~
    Drawing Silk Lantern

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