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Dry-simmered garlic-flavored duck

Super delicious food

Food Material List

  • 1 Duck meat

Operational steps

  • 1 Garlic slices, duck slices (I asked the duck seller to chop them for me and then take them home and change the knife to cut them into small dices), then put in ginger slices, pepper, anise, sanai, a little cooking wine to marinate. (Its also easier to put some five-spice powder and thirteen-spice in the salting directly.)
    Dry-simmered garlic-flavored duck
  • 2 Heat the pan without oil. Pour the duck meat into a simmer to dry it. Pour it into a plate and set aside.
    Dry-simmered garlic-flavored duck
  • 3 Again, heat the pan, pour in a small amount of cooking oil, put in a spoonful of bean paste, pour in duck, and stir-fry the chili.
    Dry-simmered garlic-flavored duck
  • 4 Pour in garlic slices, simmer over medium and small heat until duck is golden, then put in MSG pot. I think its a good meal, so garlic is put more, students who dont like garlic can put less.
    Dry-simmered garlic-flavored duck
  • 5 The finished product is shown in the figure. Finally, some sesame seeds were sprinkled.
    Dry-simmered garlic-flavored duck


I like to simmer a little, which tastes better.
My husband doesnt like it. He says he cant chew. Hes struggling < br > so it depends on his taste.
If you dont like to be too dry, just simmer for a while.

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