Night snack

Eggs, broad beans and rice

It is said that faba bean contains important ingredients regulating brain and nervous tissue, which can enhance memory and brain-building; moreover, calcium in faba bean is conducive to the absorption and calcification of calcium by bone, and can promote the growth and development of human skeleton. The protein content of broad bean is rich and does not contain cholesterol. The dietary fiber in broad bean skin can reduce cholesterol and promote intestinal peristalsis. Modern people also believe that faba bean is one of the anti-cancer foods, which can prevent intestinal cancer. For her sake, I should also eat fava beans to supplement my brain. I really regret that I should have eaten more fava beans for her. Although its a joke, the common dish of “eggs, fava beans and rice” is rich in nutrition, especially for those who are dealing with exams or mental workers. How to do a good job of this home cooking? As long as we do two things well, one is to remove the fishy smell of broad beans, that is, to boil the broad beans, which can not only remove the fishy smell, but also pretreat the broad beans; the other is to remove the fishy smell of eggs, that is, add a small amount of vinegar to the eggs, so that the fried eggs not only have no fishy smell, but also will be very soft. Prepare these two steps in advance, and then fry them directly over high heat to make this delicious home-cooked dish.

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 3
  • 2 Broad bean 250g

Operational steps

  • 1 Boil the pot with water, add some salt and a few drops of oil.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 2 Cook fresh broad bean rice in a pot.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 3 After boiling again, pour out the broad bean rice and drain it.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 4 Put the eggs in a bowl and add a little vinegar.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 5 Heat the pan, add some oil, and pour in the beaten eggs.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 6 Stir-fry the eggs and Shovel them into small pieces.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 7 Add cooked broad bean rice.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 8 Stir-fry a few times, add salt and pepper to season, then stir-fry evenly.
    Eggs, broad beans
  • 9 Place it in a tray with red crab seeds on it.
    Eggs, broad beans


1. Pre-treatment of broad beans with hot water in advance can also remove the bean odor in broad beans, add salt and oil to make broad beans greener;

2. Adding a little vinegar to eggs can remove the odor in eggs; eggs are beaten and put into oil pan, and then stir-fried into small pieces;

3. This is the broad bean rice which has been boiled over water, stir-fried several times, then add salt and other condiments, stir-fry evenly out of the pot and plate; < br > < br > 4. In order to make the color more beautiful, I specially decorated some red crab seeds, if not, decorated with a little carrot.

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