Eight-inch Rainbow Heart Cake

I always wanted to make rainbow cake, but I was afraid of trouble. This time, my family Baoer celebrated his birthday. Finally, I decided to try and see some peoples recipes. Finally, I summarized that I wanted to make a simple cake, but rainbow cake is a waste of time.

Food Material List

  • 1 Yolk 6
  • 2 Fine granulated sugar (for egg yolk) 39G
  • 3 water 60g
  • 4 Corn oil 60g
  • 5 Low-gluten flour 16.5gx6
  • 6 protein 6
  • 7 Fine granulated sugar (for protein) 16.5gx6

Operational steps

  • 1 Egg yolk protein is separated, 6 proteins are packed into 6 containers for reserve. Egg yolk is put together and mixed with sugar until dissolved. Then water and corn oil are added together into the yolk and stirred for about 5 minutes until emulsified. Egg yolk paste is divided into 6 parts. One of them is added with 6 drops of red pigment, and starch is sifted and mixed until no granules are available.
    Eight-inch Rainbow Heart
  • 2 Take a piece of protein and a few drops of lemon juice, add white sugar into the protein three times, beat it with an electric egg beater to dry foam, add the beaten protein three times into the red yolk paste, cut and mix evenly into the mould, shake the mould several times, shake out the bubbles, preheat the oven, bake for 20 minutes at 150 degrees, take out the mould and fall down from top to bottom. Immediately buckle to cool demoulding.
    Eight-inch Rainbow Heart
  • 3 Next, we need to add different pigments to complete the remaining five cake slices. Red: 6 drops red. Orange: 3 drops for red and 3 drops for yellow. Yellow: 6 drops yellow. Green: 6 drops green. Blue: 6 drops blue. Purple: Red 5 drops and blue 2 drops. I use two eight-inch moulds, one is baked, the other can be baked again, without delay.
    Eight-inch Rainbow Heart
  • 4 The butter and pigments needed for mounting flowers can be adjusted according to their own needs. I used about 500 grams of light cream for this cake. I only used three colors. I was lazy and didnt want to waste too much. Generally speaking, it was quite successful.
    Eight-inch Rainbow Heart

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