Electric rice cooker mushroom noodles

College chef, as long as you have an electric cooker, you can!

Food Material List

  • 1 Vermicelli 100g people
  • 2 Oyster mushroom 300g
  • 3 Tomatoes 1
  • 4 Greens 300g
  • 5 Coriander 50g
  • 6 garlic 2 valves
  • 7 green pepper 1

Operational steps

  • 1 College Student Dormitory Recipe __________ I use the beautiful rice cooker is 2L, should be the smallest kind of ~~oil just over the bottom, open the rice cooker, wait for it to jump up automatically.
  • 2 Pour garlic powder into the pot. Hold the bottom of the pot with a spatula until it has fragrance and put it into Pixian bean paste. Its better to put half of the ordinary spoon. It must not be too much or its very salty.
  • 3 Wait until the rice cooker jumps up again, and then put in the cut tomatoes. Better cut the tomatoes smaller, open the rice cooker, until the juice is fried out.
  • 4 Put in the ripped mushroom, I personally like to eat fine, more delicious to cover the pot, you can also add green pepper, according to personal taste, 5 minutes later add 50 ml of water, it depends!
  • 5 After boiling water, add vegetables and noodles, and cook them in about 3 minutes. I eat Chen Keming noodles, which are quite smooth.
    Electric rice cooker

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