Afternoon tea

Enjoy stir-frying

Very nutritious dish, delicious and beautiful, mixing noodles and rice are very good!

Food Material List

  • 1 Egg 2
  • 2 pork tenderloin 3 two
  • 3 Aromatic dry 2 pieces
  • 4 Fungus 5 flower
  • 5 Leek 5 roots
  • 6 Day lily Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut all the ingredients and prepare them first; < br /> scrambled eggs and sliced meat; < br /> scallion and ginger pot into other ingredients, add salt, sauce and stir-fry; < br /> pour in egg, meat, shredded leek, stir-fry and cook out of the pot.
    Enjoy stir-frying


Stir-fry the shredded pork with starch before stirring. The taste will be tender and smooth

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