Essential in autumn and winter: fried chestnuts with sugar (no paraffin at ease)

In autumn and winter, there are delicious fried chestnuts in the streets and alleys. My husband and I like them very much. But recently I have not eaten much. One reason is that the price of chestnuts is soaring. The other reason is that my mother bought chestnuts in case of paraffin. So I started to do it myself. Its clean, hygienic and economical.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chestnut 2 jin

Operational steps

  • 1 Chestnuts “cut” with scissors to cut a cross, so as not to explode when fried.
    Essential in autumn
  • 2 Wash the pot clean and pour the chestnuts in after boiling.
    Essential in autumn
  • 3 After 20 minutes of stir-frying, the chestnuts began to sip and add a small spoonful of oil. After 10 minutes of stir-frying, the aroma of the chestnuts could be smelled.
    Essential in autumn
  • 4 Sprinkle a little sugar and colour, then you can get out of the pot. Scented and clean sugar fried chestnuts, eat while hot!
    Essential in autumn


Round chestnuts are better than flat chestnuts. Fresh chestnuts are best washed, dried and dried for two days. Shell and meat are slightly separated and fried better

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