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Fast Nutrition Beauty Vegetable–Garlic-scented Purple Begonia

Dark green vegetables can not stop ah, iron, calcium, vitamin supplements, the last time made small spicy purple sunflower, this time to make a hot dish, super simple! I sorted out and personally experimented with the preservation method of green leafy vegetables. I posted it in the public Wechat. The preservation effect was good. I bought a catty of green leafy vegetables and stored it in the refrigerator. I spent a few minutes on dinner after I got home at night. That sounds good.

Food Material List

  • 1 begonia fimbristipula 200g
  • 2 garlic 5-6 valves

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut garlic into garlic powder and onion into onions.
    Fast Nutrition Beauty
  • 2 After washing, remove the old roots and chop them into small segments about 5 cm long.
    Fast Nutrition Beauty
  • 3 Pour a little oil into the frying pan and stir fry onions and garlic when the oil is 60% warm.
    Fast Nutrition Beauty
  • 4 Then put in the purple-backed helianthus, stir-fry over high heat until the leaves become deep and soft.
    Fast Nutrition Beauty
  • 5 Finally, add salt to season, and you can get out of the pot.
    Fast Nutrition Beauty

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