Northeast Cuisine

Fire Dragon Fruit Similu

In summer, when the weather was hot and the meal tasteless, we made this cool dragon fruit Similu.

Food Material List

  • 1 Pitaya Half
  • 2 Sago 100g
  • 3 Sugar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Boil the sago in water for 15 minutes.
    Fire Dragon Fruit
  • 2 Look at Sammys white snack. Turn off the fire for twenty minutes.
    Fire Dragon Fruit
  • 3 By this time, Sammy was all transparent, washed out and put in a bowl.
    Fire Dragon Fruit
  • 4 Cut the Pitaya into two lobes.
    Fire Dragon Fruit
  • 5 Dig out the Pitaya balls with the digging balls.
    Fire Dragon Fruit
  • 6 Add a little boiling water to the skin of pitaya fruit and pour sugar into the machine to make juice.
    Fire Dragon Fruit
  • 7 Pour the dried pitaya juice into a sago bowl, decorate it with pitaya balls, and eat it.
    Fire Dragon Fruit

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