Fish-flavored apricot and abalone mushroom

Almond and abalone mushrooms are rich in nutritional value, just want to make some healthy and delicious home meals, but did not expect to succeed in my kitchen recipe respect the delicacy of extracting the ingredients themselves and never put MSG in it.

Food Material List

  • 1 Pleurotus eryngii 2 roots
  • 2 Black fungus 6 flower
  • 3 Carrot Half cut
  • 4 Green Chinese onion A small section
  • 5 Pixian bean paste 1 scoops
  • 6 Oyster sauce 1 scoops
  • 7 Vinegar 1 scoops
  • 8 sugar 1 scoops
  • 9 Soy sauce 1 scoops
  • 10 salt A little or no.

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare food materials: wash Pleurotus eryngii, abalone mushrooms, tear into black fungus, wash and cut into strips, carrots, scallions, wash and cut into filaments.
    Fish-flavored apricot and
  • 2 Oil-free and salt-free hot pot with almond and abalone mushrooms stir-fried in the pot, dry and simmer the water out of the pot, turn off the heat and skim out the water.
    Fish-flavored apricot and
  • 3 Stir-fry the carrots in a hot oil pan, stir-fry the carotene, then add black fungus, stir-fry and then add a spoonful of Pixian bean paste to stir-fry the oil.
    Fish-flavored apricot and
  • 4 Stir-fry apricot, abalone, mushroom, onion and shredded bean paste, add salt, vinegar, sauce, stir-fry and add sugar to extract fresh food.
    Fish-flavored apricot and
  • 5 Delicious fish-flavored apricot and abalone mushrooms on a plate
    Fish-flavored apricot and

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