Four steps to make a pot of honey – Hami melon jam

Sometimes the fruits at home cant be eaten. Making jam is the best choice. Its no problem to keep them sealed in a glass jar and in a refrigerator for ten and a half days. You can make bread or cake at ordinary times. Its not expensive to go to the supermarket, but a lot of additives in it can avoid the best.

Food Material List

  • 1 Hami melon 500g

Operational steps

  • 1 Hami melon peeled, cut into pieces, put into the machine to break;
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  • 2 Put the Hami melon into the pot, heat it, drip the lemon juice and add sugar.
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  • 3 After boiling, there will be foam on the surface. If you leave it, the small fire will slow down.
    Four steps to
  • 4 Boil until slightly sticky, add maltose, continue to boil until thick, cool and put in a glass bottle, refrigerate.
    Four steps to

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