Four steps to make red bean paste

Food Material List

  • 1 Red bean
  • 2 lard
  • 3 White granulated sugar

Operational steps

  • 1 Soak red beans in water for one night.
    Four steps to
  • 2 Pressure cooker with just 10 minutes of boiling red beans, the picture is boiled red beans.
    Four steps to
  • 3 The cooked red beans are stirred into mud with a mixer. The picture shows the stirred red beans.
    Four steps to
  • 4 Add oil and sugar in the pot, stir continuously after firing to make the oil and sugar fully blend with the bean paste. Turn off the fire three minutes after the bean paste starts bubbling.
    Four steps to


1. When mixing red beans with a mixer, add a small amount of boiled red beans water. After a stirring, put it in a net place for a while, shake it by hand and stir it again, so that the stirred soybean paste is delicate enough. 2, lard is better than other oils. The first time I used sunflower seed olive oil is no better than pig oil.

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