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Fresh milk white toast

Fresh milk white toast, completely without egg ingredients, uses the most basic raw materials, which is also a good news for egg allergists. Continued to use Ms favorite medium method, after low-temperature refrigeration fermentation, toast is very soft, aging speed is also reduced. Milk and wheat fragrance, whether its empty stuttering or making sandwiches, is the best choice. The formula refers to fresh milk white toast. Of course, in order to be easy to operate, slight changes have been made, especially one fermentation has been omitted. Toast in this formula is not easy to colour. It is recommended to extend it for a few minutes according to the characteristics of your oven. (Two 450g toast boxes)

Operational steps

  • 1 Medium-sized raw materials (400g high powder, 280g milk, 4G dry yeast) were kneaded into a ball and refrigerated overnight.
  • 2 Medium-sized dough is cut into small pieces and kneaded with other main dough ingredients until complete stage.
  • 3 Divide and circle, relax for 20 minutes
  • 4 Shaping, final fermentation to 9% full
  • 5 Oven preheating, 200 degrees, lower layer, upper and lower fire, four or five centimeters, out of the oven, immediately demoulding

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