Northeast Cuisine

Fresh shrimp pasta with green sauce

Operational steps

  • 1 All the above materials are crushed in the food processor. (Note: The production of green sauce need not be too delicate, a little pine nuts, the feeling will be better.)
    Fresh shrimp pasta
  • 2 After removing the shrimp glands, clean the fresh shrimps, put them into a pan, cook them in less oil and serve them. While frying the shrimps, you can start cooking pasta.
  • 3 After the pasta is cooked, filter the dry noodle soup, pour the fried shrimps and green sauce into the noodles, mix well, serve on the plate, and finally sprinkle Parmeson cheese.


Green sauce, fresh but strong taste, but no greasy taste. The fresh taste is due to basil, while the strong sense is the combination of pine nuts and olive oil. This combination is ingenious and beautiful. This kind of taste is suitable for all seasons and better in midsummer.

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