Northeast Cuisine

Fresh strawberry granulated yogurt (ice cream)

Sour and sweet strawberry yogurt, bring you different summer.

Food Material List

  • 1 Strawberry
  • 2 Yogurt

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove the strawberries and soak them in brine for three minutes. Remove them and wash them.
    Fresh strawberry granulated
  • 2 Chop the strawberries and put them in a bowl. (Better not chop, strawberry juice will all run out)
    Fresh strawberry granulated
  • 3 Pour yoghurt into a bowl filled with strawberry granules. If its sweet, add some sugar yourself.
    Fresh strawberry granulated
  • 4 Stir well, then add a cut strawberry to garnish, and a fresh strawberry granulated yogurt will be ready.
    Fresh strawberry granulated
  • 5 In summer, a fresh-keeping film can be added to the refrigeration room for better taste. Put it in the freezer and strawberry ice cream is made. (Absolutely much better than bottled strawberry granulated yogurt bought in supermarkets, after all, its fresh.)
    Fresh strawberry granulated

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