Fried eggplant balsam pear with hot pepper

Food Material List

  • 1 eggplant 1
  • 2 Balsam pear 1
  • 3 Pepper 7-10

Operational steps

  • 1 Balsam pear slices marinated in salt for 5 minutes, washed with water and set aside; eggplant slices, pepper hob slices
    Fried eggplant balsam
  • 2 Add a little oil to the pan. First fry the eggplant and pepper in the pan until the eggplant is soft and ready to use.
    Fried eggplant balsam
  • 3 Add oil and stir-fry balsam pear.
    Fried eggplant balsam
  • 4 Add pre-fried eggplant, add salt chicken essence, add a small amount of raw sauce, stir-fry the pan!
    Fried eggplant balsam
  • 5 Have an appetizer! Pepper can be added more or less according to its own taste.
    Fried eggplant balsam

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