Fried eggs with cauliflower-simple, delicious and nutritious

Food Material List

  • 1 Organic cauliflower A reel
  • 2 Egg 2
  • 3 Scallion Appropriate amount
  • 4 Sesame oil Appropriate amount
  • 5 salt Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Organic cauliflower is picked and washed. After boiling water, add a little edible oil and salt and boil cauliflower. Its soft because the children eat it. Remove water control.
    Fried eggs with
  • 2 Add a little cooking wine to the eggs to get rid of the fishy smell and break them up.
    Fried eggs with
  • 3 Pour oil in a hot pan and moisten it. The oil temperature is higher. Pour the broken eggs in and shake them around. The eggs swell quickly. Turn them over with a spatula for a few seconds, then turn off the fire and put them out. This way, the eggs are fried tenderly.
    Fried eggs with
  • 4 Stir-fry shallots with remaining oil in the pan
    Fried eggs with
  • 5 Stir-fry cauliflower for a few times, then pour in eggs, season with salt, and drip fragrant oil before leaving the pot. Stir-fry evenly and then come out of the pot.
    Fried eggs with

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