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Fried-free Korean rice mix

My family always thought about Korean rice mix in Korean shops, so I went to the supermarket to buy a box of imported Korean chili sauce and cooked Korean rice mix for my family! I recall the Korean rice mix that I had eaten in Korea the year before last, and the habit of Korean cooking that I used to see when I lived in Korea to make this Korean rice mix. I am very happy that my family said that the rice mix in Korea is delicious! In fact, the key lies in the good purchase of chili sauce, hehe, authentic! I did it for three people. When you do it, Please add or subtract the materials as appropriate.

Food Material List

  • 1 Korean chili sauce Three spoons
  • 2 Soy sauce Appropriate amount
  • 3 Olive oil About 40 ml
  • 4 Sesame oil About 10ml
  • 5 Egg Three
  • 6 Lean pork Appropriate amount
  • 7 Carrot Appropriate amount
  • 8 cucumber Appropriate amount
  • 9 Mungbean sprout Appropriate amount
  • 10 Black fungus Appropriate amount
  • 11 Sweet corn Appropriate amount
  • 12 Cooked rice Three copies

Operational steps

  • 1 All ingredients except eggs are shredded and boiled. Carrot shreds need to be soft and meat shreds need to be cooked.
    Fried-free Korean rice
  • 2 Reserve food after boiling water
    Fried-free Korean rice
  • 3 There is no stone bowl in my house, so I have to replace it with a bowl of cooked rice. The bowl is oily and sticky, and cooked rice is put in it.
    Fried-free Korean rice
  • 4 Heat olive oil and sesame oil in a pan. Fry the eggs until they do not flow. Turn off the heat and set aside.
    Fried-free Korean rice
  • 5 Korean chili sauce and sauce mixed to flowing state
    Fried-free Korean rice
  • 6 Place the dishes and eggs on the rice, add a lid, light fire and heat for a minute.
    Fried-free Korean rice
  • 7 Leave the fire and pour the chilli sauce. Cook the eggs while they are hot! Although delicious, but pay attention to hot mouth-ha-ha
    Fried-free Korean rice

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