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Fried leek with Octopus

Leek sauce is also called fragrant sauce and leek. I dont know what other people call it. It is the sauce that the leek blossoms and pulls out. There is a flower bud on the top. It tastes like leek, but it tastes better than leek. Leek sauce can be fried meat, scrambled eggs, or put in other dishes to taste, such as bean sprouts. Octopus is also called octopus, octopus, Octopus fried leek has been known as the classic practice, the classic taste! Read Tang poetry, that sentence: “three days into the kitchen, wash your hands to make soup. If you dont know your aunts eating habits and taste them first, whats the most popular thing is “hand-washing soup”. So what kind of lovable and lovely life is full of? Always like a kind of life, sunshine gently sprinkled on the body, wearing an apron shuttle in the kitchen, changing the pattern of cooking every day. “Wash your hands to make soup” can be for him or for yourself. Maybe life is like cooking, even if you cant make a gorgeous meal, then you dont have to be frustrated. You can cook some simple and tasty dishes, even if they are so ordinary and simple, as long as they taste good, you like them, whether they are big or small dishes.

Food Material List

  • 1 Baby octopus 300g
  • 2 Chinese chives and sauces 200g

Operational steps

  • 1 Remove and clean the octopus sand sac, peel off the coat and cut it into 2-3 pieces < br />.
    Fried leek with
  • 2 Blanch in hot water for cooling < br />.
    Fried leek with
  • 3 Wash and cut Chinese chives into inch segments
    Fried leek with
  • 4 Stir-fry ginger shreds in hot pot and cold oil, stir-fry < br /> over octopus fire.
    Fried leek with
  • 5 Add leek and salt quickly, cook wine and stir-fry sugar for a few seconds.
    Fried leek with


Private words: Octopus blanching time is as short as possible, otherwise it is easy to aging meat in the subsequent heating process

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