Fried leek with sea rabbit

Food Material List

  • 1 Sea rabbit Appropriate amount
  • 2 Leek Appropriate amount
  • 3 Liquor, onion, ginger, garlic salt

Operational steps

  • 1 After the rabbits were washed, they boiled in hot water for a while to see how long I boiled. The rabbits shrank their whine ~(> <)_________.~~~
    Fried leek with
  • 2 Cut leek for reserve
    Fried leek with
  • 3 Used in scallion, ginger and garlic pot
    Fried leek with
  • 4 First use scallion, ginger, garlic, and then put in cooking wine, soy sauce, stir-fry leek and sea rabbit, and put in a proper amount of salt monosodium glutamate, because sea rabbit cooked with water very quickly see leek cooked can be loaded on the plate.

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