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Fried meat with raw salt

Sichuan cuisine, which has a long history, has dozens of rich and profound flavors. It can be called “one dish, one dish, one hundred dishes”. And the back pot meat for Sichuan people, rather like the old hot soup for Cantonese people, is a Sichuan family households will do, from snacks to big, the most emotional Sichuan dish. So if we conduct a survey in Sichuan and elect the “king of Sichuan cuisine”, it will definitely be Huiguo meat that wins by an overwhelming advantage. Salt fried meat is highly similar to pork in the way of cooking and seasoning. Even the use of pork is the same as pork, which is “pork two knives”. (around the bottom of the buttocks, about 2KG per pig). The only obvious difference is that the cooked pork needs to be cooked and dried and sliced and then fried in the pan, while the salt fried pork is omitted from the cooked pork, sliced raw meat and fried in two. Because [salt fried meat] does not need to be boiled and fried like back-to-the-pan meat, but is fried directly, so it also has another name, “raw fried salt fried meat”. For me, just because I omitted the steps of boiling and drying, it saves a lot of trouble to help us cook women! ____________ Not only can I wash less pots, but also save a lot of time. Its very suitable for the pots who have to go to work and go home to cook, so its also listed as one of my favorite dishes.

Food Material List

  • 1 Pork with two knives 200g
  • 2 green pepper
  • 3 Red pepper

Operational steps

  • 1 After rinsing the pork with two knives, slice it into thin slices, rinse the green peppers and remove the seeds. Cut into pieces that are about the size of the meat.
    Fried meat with
  • 2 Stir-fry the meat slices until the slices start to spit oil and show the shape of a lamp nest. Push the meat to the edge of the pot with a spatula. Stir-fry the bean paste and soybean sauce until fragrant, then cook the sauce and sauce and stir-fry well.
    Fried meat with
  • 3 Pour in soy sauce and sugar and stir-fry the slices until they are evenly wrapped in sauce, then stir-fry the green and red peppers, add salt and stir-fry until the green and red peppers are soft.
    Fried meat with


salt fried meat is also known as “Sheng fried salt fried meat”. This dish is made from seasoned pork with peeled fresh pork and bean sauce and bean sauce. When stir-frying, the heat should not be too hot. Meat slices should be fried until oil is expelled. When they begin to appear as lamp nests, seasoning should be lowered.
When garlic seedlings are not available, garlic moss, green pepper, potatoes, celery, dried tofu can be used instead, which is also very delicious.
this dish can also be made from pig pork with pork instead of pork and two knives.

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